Marketizy - Intelligent Marketing Cloud Platform MPaaS

Marketing had never been so easy

  • Unified 360° customer-vision
  • Omnichannel and cross-channel integration
  • Advanced analytics and predictive model
  • AI-powered smart automation
  • 100% integrated platform with your dailiy tools
Dashboard Marketizy
Data driven scientific marketing

Next level of Marketing


AI-powerred marketing cloud platform

Marketizy had developed multi-layered AI-systems to predict decision patterns, label the customer to the right persona or match the offer depending to the client's demand. Everything in real-time and seamless. Sounds like a plan ?

  • Analyze span signals to score each customer
  • Label unknown prospect to activate personalized journey
  • Predict the churn rate and actionnate recovery messages
  • Match the demand with the right offer
  • Detect emerging customer cohorts
Artificial intelligence
Omnichannel experience

Orchestrate your offline to online customer journeys

We know that creating a seamless experience from offline shopping to online purchases is hard. That is why, Marketizy had been develop to simplify your work and optimize your time with a single platform.

  • Create trigger-event from physical shopping to online upsells
  • Develop an omnichannel loyalty program
  • Curate data to detect fast-moving offers and optimise the other offers
  • Match the content delivery with the customer journey
  • Engage more with your client with hyper-personalized experiences
Advanced analytics

Unified 360° vision and predict patterns

Analysis and predicting the next trends are part of marketing's daily jobs. Thanks to advanced analytics and unified customer-centric 360° vision, you can optimize and develop cutting-edge marketing campaigns.

  • Create multiple Personas to analyze cohorts
  • Deep-dive analysis per customer to value their brand-loyalty
  • Advanced scoring system to sort customers' engagement
  • Measure precise ROI per campaign, per Personae or per period
  • Detect emerging trends to create dedicated campaigns